Senses Week in Year 5

This week we linked our Marvellous Maths problem solving to our tasting, smelling and touching different foods. But before we could taste the unusual cuisine we had to solve a problem.

We have also listened to the story of Louis Braille and learnt how to write our names in braille.

We have also introduced a weekly Mathematician Magician for both girls and boys who will have their photo put up on the classroom Challenge Wall for the week. Above their heads, a Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, will be placed and the children will receive a certificate.

Guided reading/CLC came in to year 5

The children have been reading Shakespeare books during their guided reading sessions in class. They love the themes running through them.

The children worked on making their own computer game with Gary from CLC last week. They had a great time designing and making their games work. The children worked in pairs to design a racing car game. They worked very hard and were amazed at the results.

Year 5 Reading and Bishop Tom’s Visit

Year 5 have been reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. They are really enjoyting it and have produced some fabulous pieces of writing in their writing books.

Bishop Tom visited Our Class

We had such a lovely time on Friday 2nd October when Bishop Tom came to visit our school. Year 5 had prepared a great song for him called ‘Gravity gets you down’ which he really enjoyed. Mrs Ventre was very proud of us and gave us all 5 spots. We also prepared some interesting questions for him to answer.