Maths Mash up week – Relay challenge!

In our teams, we had to come up with a strategy to earn the most points! The coloured eggs were given a value up of up to 1000 points! Today, Maths Machines won the challenge, with 38,500 points!



A narrative poem inspired by the Lady of Shalott

A member of our class wrote his own poem, based on Lord Tennyson’s narrative poem, The Lady of Shalott. He chose to write it from the magic mirror’s point of view…



I am a humble mirror,

But what thou sees is

Beyond all of which

Mirrors can see. A beautiful

Woman, fair and light

As all moments pass by

Through day and night.


There she sits brushing

Her hair, whilst I sit silent

Laid right there. She gazes

Up to me sometimes,

And talks to me as if I am

Alive. And in her head

Blankness drives.


She looks at me and

Sometimes stares, and

Weaves the sights what

She sees right there.

‘til her end or so she

Thought, a woman

Trapped and distraught.


End of part l


I show her all of

The things that lay

Beyond the tower

Where she is trapped.

As the raging river

Comes overlapped.


She knows that she will

Die if thee stares to Camelot

Whilst she hates being stuck

She just weaves and

Hates being out of luck.


Many things I make her weave

But when she dies, they’ll

Flood with grieve. She

Just wishes that she

Could look, right down to

Stormy Camelot lightning

Struck by all the things

That she may go and look.




End of part II