Look what we have achieved today…

We have been exploring 6 digit numbers using place value discs!


Thermal insulators/conductors

This week we carried out an investigation to test different materials to investigate does the type of material effect how quickly liquid cools? We wrapped mugs in different materials and poured in boiling water. We used thermometers to measure the temperature before and after ten minutes.

Henry’s Freedom Box

This week we began our new English text ‘Henry’s Freedom Box’ about a young slave in American during the slave trade who mailed himself to freedom in a 3ft x 2ft box!

We had the box in our classroom and thought of what it may be and what it was?

Self Portraits!🎨🖌

We have just begun our new art topic of Self portraits! This half term we will be looking at the self portraits of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh and trying to create our own pieces using his style and techniques. Here we are having a go at some First attempts of portraits where we are up to now. We used mirrors and sketching pencils.